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Who should attend?
Their courses / events and eLearning modules are aimed at anyone who needs to understand the BRC Global Standards

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help people to gain practical knowledge so that they can solve real business world problems. Our courses help the learners to address the business problems through professional skill.

About Us

London Institute of Business and Management offers a wide range of courses that will help you to be a skilful person in the corporate field. The courses will train you in some practical ways, so that you can enhance your business opportunities. The courses mainly deal with business, office, strategic and behavioural management.

The courses include the managerial parts such as how to manage the business or how to maintain the perfect corporate environment through proper workplace management and business management. In spite of these, we also provide courses related to corporate behaviour that will train the employee to ensure a better workplace.

The strategic business Management courses deal with the techniques and tips for achieving goals in business while the Advanced Financial Management courses deal with the planning, organising, controlling and monitoring the financial resources to meet the business goals.

‘Sales and Selling’ courses focus on strategies of selling a product to obtain business goals. For smooth running of your business, you also need to have a crystal clear knowledge of accounting and management. Our accounting courses provide detailed knowledge regarding accounting.  On the other hand, Business Analysis Training courses focus on the consumers’ requirements and needs and market value, etc.

Apart from these courses, London Institute of Business and Management provides comprehensive courses related to Microsoft Office Management. Microsoft Office is the most popular program that is used by most of the administrative positions around the world. It is the combination of several applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook. Each has their specific functionality. Unlike other institutions, London Institute of Business and Management provides Microsoft Office Management courses with a special focus on the use of Microsoft Office programs in the business world.

Most of the training centre offers lots of course on Microsoft Office Management focusing the functionality of these applications. However, they have given little emphasis on the practical usability of the software in the business arena. The idea came into our mind while visiting lots of tutorial sites that offer Excel and other Microsoft Office courses. Although the training organisations provide extensive sessions about the program, they lack the business implication of the spreadsheet programs.


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