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The brain is the organ of the mind. If we want to fully understand mental life, we must integrate the findings of neuroscience with all levels of the mind.

Neuropsychoanalysis is interested in the neurobiological underpinnings of how we act, think, and feel.   As we begin to link brain activity with a psychoanalytic model of the mind, even at the deepest levels, a truly dynamic understanding can emerge.

The Neuropsychoanalysis Association is an international network of non-profit organizations that support a dialogue between the neurosciences and psychoanalysis.  Based in New York City, London, and Cape Town, we provide resources for clinicians, researchers, students, and the general public, including our journal, conferences, research grants, and educational programs.



Neuropsychoanalysis explores the interface between neurobiological knowledge and psychoanalytic models of the human mind.  As neuroscience maps the brain, from molecules to networks, a common ground has emerged between fields that were separated for too long.  Now, with advances in technology that give us a window on an active brain, we can link brain processes with psychoanalytic concepts – ideas that emphasize the deep unconscious layers of the mind, the central role of emotions and interpersonal relations in mental life, and the importance of fantasy and mental representations.  Neuroscience is rapidly expanding our understanding of the neural circuits involved with conscious and unconscious processes, motivation, emotion, self-regulation, memory, interpersonal relations, and more.  As we bring these domains together, neuropsychoanalysis illuminates how the mind is organized at the deepest levels can inform and enrich brain exploration – and vice versa.



The International Neuropsychoanalysis Society hosts a yearly international congress for researchers, clinicians and students on a wide variety of topics, and publishes the journal Neuropsychoanalysis.  The Society also links with over 40 regional groups on every continent.



Since the late 1990s, small working groups have formed in affiliation with the International Neuropsychoanalysis Society. Around the world, clinicians, researchers, and students meet to read and study, to host lectures and meetings, and to develop research activities.



The Neuropsychoanalysis Association is composed of three entities: The Neuropsychoanalysis Fund in London, the Neuropsychoanalysis Foundation in New York City, and the Neuropsychoanalysis Trust in Cape Town. We work closely together.


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