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CPD Accreditation

Training Courses

We offer CPD accreditation for face-to-face or online training courses for specific topics or syllabuses. A CPD Qualification Standards accredited course will not only attract more delegates and provide business growth opportunities but will enable you to gain access to our network of trainers and providers. This will allow you to share best practice with providers who are expert in their field. In addition, by gaining access to our research you will get good insight into what delegates from various industries really want from their provider, trainer or instructor.

Seminars, Events and Conferences

CPD Qualification Standards accredits seminars, events and conferences. These could be focused on small or large groups of individuals, learning face-to-face or via other formats.

We are also able to accredit other events including: forums, networking events and discussion groups. The list is not exhaustive. And we would consider any other events that you may hold.

From our experience of accrediting numerous activities, we have found that accreditation enables repeat business and for you to charge more in some cases. Furthermore, accredited courses are more attractive to delegates and so facilitates marketing, leading to increased take-up.

Lecturers and Speakers

When accrediting speakers, we consider their experience and expertise of speaking in front of large and small groups as well as knowledge of their chosen field. So, what are the benefits of becoming accredited?

If you are a lecturer or speaker, CPD accreditation provides you with greater opportunities to gain further employment. Professionals are required to undertake a certain number of CPD hours each year and are therefore more likely to be drawn to presentations run by lecturers who are CPD accredited. As the number of professional bodies increase, accreditation will allow you to enter and expand into these new markets. In addition, by becoming accredited, your chances of securing in-house speaking events with companies requiring employees to undertake CPD will improve.


At CPD Qualification Standards we will guide you through the accreditation process and help to make it as easy, accessible and affordable as possible for you to become an accredited CPD employer. We understand the ever-increasing responsibilities and pressures on employers to not only employ and retain competent employees, but to now also become educators. We are available to facilitate this process and support you every step of the way.

By becoming a fully accredited CPD employer, you will be able to use our CPD Qualification Standards logo on all your correspondence and marketing materials.

In addition to the benefits associated with a more knowledgeable workforce, as an accredited CPD employer you can expect to get the following:

  • Independent CPD accreditation of training courses, events and online activities
  • Supporting resources
  • An evaluation of your CPD recording systems
  • Advice and feedback from our CPD specialists
  • Detailed assessments with recommended improvements
  • Detailed appraisals of external training providers
  • Access to our latest CPD research and other published research


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Membership and Accreditation Process

We simply ask you to complete the application form below. We will then check all your details and may ask for further documentation as necessary. If all the information and documentation meet our criteria and standards, we will confirm your membership by issuing a membership certificate. We will recognise you as a “Registered CPD Training Provider”, provide you with your unique reference number and grant you permission to use our logo. In addition, you will have unlimited access to the members area of this website to keep up-to-date with upcoming news and recent developments.

Please note that you will need to submit the materials for your CPD activities to us in an appropriate format so that we can review them against our criteria and standards. If the materials do not meet our minimum standards, we will certainly make recommendations to ensure you are going in the right direction. Once these criteria are met and you have provided the additional relevant evidence required as necessary, then your CPD activities will be approved as accredited.