CPD Quality Standards






The Principles of CPD Quality Standards

Our core belief is that learning is a lifelong process that should be accommodated and encouraged by all in the employment sector. Regardless of the circumstance or location, every forward-thinking person or organisation should have access to accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This empowers them to develop and learn using the tools, skills, and knowledge that we readily supply. All activities are subject to the latest approaches and utilise the best available technology. As a result, all students can be assured that they will have a positive and rewarding learning experience. The quality of our courses, seminars and all activities are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and meet the standards that we insist upon.

Our Goal

Without control and standards, educational activities can vary in quality and be insubstantial. We commit to prevent this substandard level of education from being experienced by our students.
At CPD Quality Standards, trainers, lecturers, and course providers actively seek proven and recommended accreditation. They maintain verifiable standards and provide high-quality learning and training.

Supporting CPD Values

In order to support our staff, educators, clients, and students, CPD QS commit to:

Who Are We?

CPD QS consists of a dedicated group of highly experienced professionals from a broad range of business sectors.
They are aware of the exceptionally high standards that we expect in the content and presentation of our activities.
But perhaps more importantly, they also share our visions and passion for education and are genuinely committed to providing and upholding this concept in all of their endeavours.

We assess and review the always-developing standards for CPD providers and ensure that these characteristics are shown by all our providers on a national and international basis.

What Does CPD Stand For?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. This is the recognised business term for activities in which professionals undertake further training and development to improve their skills.
It is the globally recognised process for dedicated specialists, trainees, employees, and workers all around the world to demonstrate devotion and dedication to their work and trade.

The range of CPD-related activities are extensive and include:

Why use CPD?

Any individual employee or organisation needs up-to-date knowledge and skills to stay competitive in their chosen market. CPD activities make this eminently possible.

All Students can

You can:

All companies can

You can: