CPD Quality Standards

CPD Quality Standards

We adhere to the highest requirements of CPD Quality Standards by offering a broad range of expertly crafted training and learning activities which have been fully accredited.

Ensure your training and learning activities are relevant and reliable by being independently accredited by us.

Welcome To CPD Quality Standards

We welcome you to the world of CPD Quality Standards of education, where your knowledge is our business.

CPD Quality Standards is a growing accrediting body that believes:
• Learning helps employers across industries retain key staff
• Development provides the skills & knowledge needed for organisations to maintain a competitive advantage
• Study is essential for an individual's career path and personal objectives
• Education is the foundation on which success is built

We have already issued hundreds of CPD-accredited certificates to our students and are proud of the achievements of our members and tutors.

The Principles of CPD

CPD stands for "Continuing Professional Development".

This is not professional jargon. This specifically refers to an ideal of lifelong learning, a passion for improving, and a desire to heighten one's potential in work and society.

So You Want to Become Accredited?

The CPD QS is helping institutions and organisation’s to formalise their numerous strands of expertise into one structured, recognised form of learning. This can be delivered to professionals in their CPD journey. Explore how to become accredited with the CPD QS today.

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The best company to be accredited with. The best service always efficient and helpful with courses. Staff were helpful and a great online system. Highly recommended.
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